Nutrition and the 60-Hour Workweek

Oh, my, friends.  Am I ever tired?!

A couple of weeks ago, I talked about the challenges involved in planning a nutritionally sound menu while working a full workweek.  Well, guess what.  I haven’t taken my own advice to heart and am paying the price for it now.

Last week, my workweek was more along the lines of 60 hours than 40.  I met so many people for coffee, my feet turned black.  I didn’t eat enough calories, enough vegetables, at the right times or really anything else I was supposed to.  My diet was a train wreck and I am feeling the effects.  I am fatigued, cranky and allergies are kicking my fanny.

I don’t have valuable information to share this morning and am hoping that maybe one of you does.  Help me out here, would you?


3 thoughts on “Nutrition and the 60-Hour Workweek”

  1. Wow 60 hours a week is a lot, I struggle with time myself, I can tell you that planning meals on Sunday work for me.. It can be so difficult but if I write out a plan and keep it with me I will stay on track. 7 pounds is a lot and I know it was not easy. Keep it going your doing great..

  2. All I can say, Jon Anne, is hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!!! I will help you thru those tough days!! REALLY!!

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