If I Stomped Grapes, I’d Have Fat Feet

I thank you all SOOO much for reading and sharing yesterday‘s piece.  Readership quadrupled! You gave me wonderful feedback, and you have joined me to walk them home.  I just love that.  That article is much different from my normal fare, but it’s on a subject that means a great deal to me.  If you want to join in, remember to email me your goal, your weekly mileage, the name you want to use for identification and any other information you want to include to runningwithronnie@yahoo.com

There are no prizes or scorekeepers.  These miles and steps are gifts we are all giving of our own accord, when we can, how we can and how much we can. If you are just beginning to walk or run, do what you can; but, don’t sit out because the idea of 300 miles scares you.  My friend Steve can’t walk or run like that; so, his miles will come on a bike.  Maybe yours come in a pool.  Maybe you give 600, maybe you give 20. Use this as a motivator.  Regardless of how far we go, each step tells these soldiers of the 501st Brigade Support Battalion that they’re not forgotten.  And we get another reason to get up and get outside our own heads.   The chaplain told me this morning that the deadline for his 300 miles is 31 August 2013. 

330x260xgrape-stomp-i-love-lucy_jpg_pagespeed_ic_1HVLImjtkXSo, last night, I went to a wine tasting with my sweet friend Ramona who knows just everybody and if there’s anyone who doesn’t know her, you can bet they want to!  This event featured Sardinian wines – a group about which I know nothing.  My father made sure I knew about French reds, German whites and California both.  I have a good idea about what I like in those classes, but Sardinians?  To tell the truth, I didn’t even realize they made wine for export there.

So, we went to this event, tasted six wines, had some wonderful hors d’oeuvres and fantastic conversation.  A little red wine is good for you and we had just little.

Now, the thing is, I don’t consume much alcohol.  It’s really a calorie budget issue for me.  Beer, wine and liquor are all calorie-thick, nutrient-thin.  Now, I enjoy a good raspberry cosmo as much as the next girl (and if the next girl is my sister, then I enjoy it more), but that cocktail may contain as many as 212 calories.  For those same calories, I can have two bananas, a giant salad or even eight Hershey’s Kisses.  I’m much more likely to spend my calories with Hershey.  Plus, well, the truth is, alcohol makes me swell up like a tick.

After what amounted to a single glass of wine, I had Fred Flintstone’s hands and feet.

Water retention is generally a temporary situation and not something I usually get wrapped around the axle about; however, I know how tight and uncomfortable it makes me feel.  I try to avoid foods, drinks and situations that cause it because my overall outlook, health and confidence levels are better the more comfortable I am in my clothes, my skin….and, this morning, my shoes.


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