Food Diary Gong Show

gongsh2Well, friends, I’m going to keep the MyFitnessPal weight loss counter on the site because LoseIt doesn’t offer one; however, I just don’t like the site for logging food and exercise.  I am going back to LoseIt for my daily logging.

My chief complaint with MyFitnessPal is this nutritional information anarchy that seems to be going on. When a user submits a new food for the LoseIt food database, the proposed item doesn’t immediately go in.  Apparently, someone is checking it.  Conversely, on the MyFitnessPal site, anyone can insert anything in the database.  Other users then give it a thumbs up or down for accuracy.  Ummmmm.

See, here’s the thing: I could insert information for a hot fudge cake and give it a total calorie count of 100 per 3 pound serving.  I could then get 20 friends to go in and give that posting a giant thumbs up.  So, I’ve entered information that, while wildly popular, is totally delusional.

I am way too OCD (or CDO) for that.  I need information whose accuracy I can reasonably trust.  For my tastes, MyFitnessPal loses me.



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