A Frayed Knot

Today, a precious young friend will bury her husband of just less than two years.  There’s no punchline there. No silver lining. Just a horribly tragic turn of events for two young people looking forward to the rest of their lives together, not realizing how little was left for one of them.

While it may be irresponsible not to plan for the future, living each day like it’s your last, it’s such a waste to keep watching the horizon, too.  If we are always looking for tomorrow, we are missing today. Everyday is a gift.  Time with those we love is a bonus.  Those may be the simplest (and costliest) things in the world to lose sight of.

Odds are, you’ll have tomorrow; so, plan for it.  Plan to live a long while.  Take care of your wills and the business of your family.  But, in case you are don’t have tomorrow, appreciate this day. Hug those you love. Forgive those you don’t. Smile at a stranger and appreciate the gift you have.

old couple walking


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