Permission Granted

Remember when we were kids? We played in the rain, ran for no reason whatsoever, laid in the grass, and stomped in puddles.  Okay, so maybe you didn’t, but I did.  I don’t do those things anymore.

I dash through the rain to avoid getting wet. I run for exercise. I rarely even WALK through the grass if I’m not mowing it.  I walk around puddles or jump over them.  Those simple joys of childhood are things I actively avoid now.


St. Augustine makes a mighty fine mattress.
St. Augustine makes a mighty fine mattress.

On Sunday, while I waited for my aunt to return to her house, I pulled a blanket out of the car and laid in the grass on her front lawn.  I was in the shade of a tall water oak, enjoying the feel of a slight breeze, and the muffled sounds of Sunday car washes and far-off lawn mowing.  When she returned home, she apologized that I’d had to wait outside.  Apologize?  For what? I thoroughly enjoyed it!  I remembered the joy of just lying there with nothing to do for a little while.

I wasn’t pushing to go to sleep because I had to get up early.  I wasn’t thinking about business calls.  I wasn’t thinking about the three books I have started and need to finish.  I wasn’t thinking about unpaid bills or dogs that need feeding or cats that need a new scratching post.  I wasn’t thinking about the bajillion things that hold my attention (and sometimes my joy) hostage each day. I gave myself permission to just lie there for a bit and be in that moment.  I allowed myself to just Be….and it was fantastic!

As an adult, I’m easily caught up in all of the things I HAVE to do and I forget about the things that I GET to do.  Lying in the grass, tuning out is something I GET to do – not every day, but certainly with greater frequency than I actually do it.

I am alive.  I am healthy.  I am loved.  It is pure foolishness for me to squander all opportunities to celebrate those things.

I’ll tell you what, let’s do this: let’s do something childish this week.  Run for no reason.  Skip. Eat a soft-serve ice cream cone. Stomp in a puddle.  Let a ladybug walk on your hand.  Walk in the rain.  Let’s do something that reminds us of the joy it is our privilege to feel.

Let’s give ourselves permission.


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