I’ve Been Called Worse By Better

My friend Jane used to say that and I just loved it. I would repeat it even if I didn’t believe it. I am now healthy and strong enough to say it with conviction.

That wasn’t always the case. I was uncomfortable in my skin, self-conscious, and easily embarrassed, although I hid it pretty well.  If you didn’t know that my fat was my armor, you would never have suspected.

I was talking about this blog to friends the other day and realized that I sounded a little like, well, a zealot and that some might find that offensive.  I often feel like a zealot, truthfully.  I have rediscovered how great it feels to give my body the nutrition it needs to perform well.  I’m excited about that and I believe that everyone should be eating nutritious foods to improve their health and well-being.  I do not believe that everyone should diet to fit an imposed and distorted definition of beauty.  If you are overweight, healthy and feel comfortable in your own skin, I applaud you!  If you are not….

Yesterday, a friend posted a meme on Facebook that said that there are worse things than being fat.  I believe that completely.  It is far worse to be dishonest, mean, cruel, and a host of other things. (I looked for the meme and couldn’t find it again. If you posted it, send it to me!)  What I found instead is this video shared by my friend Allison. (Thanks, All-is-on!)

If your fat is your armor, they were wrong.


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