Don’t Believe Everything You Read

The other night, my son and I watched some show called Supermarket Superstars that, frankly, set my blood to boiling.  The idea behind the show is to take a home cook’s idea into the supermarket.  The episode we saw was in the “health food” category.  The contestants were: 1. a protein bar made with cricket flour, 2. a “healthy” alternative to apple pie called an apple bomb, and 3. gluten-free (thus “healthy”) whoopie pies.

Are. You. Kidding. Me.

The protein bar was loaded with honey and nut butter in addition to high quality protein.  The apple bomb was, in fact, a calorie bomb.  The whoopie pies were actually gluten free but LOADED with sugar.  I’d have to know more about the cricket bar to comment on it; but, as far as I could see, these last two contestants might have been healthier than, say, a spoonful of lard dipped in corn syrup.  However, they were lighter on the “healthy” part than we should accept as consumers.

I’m going to share a personal belief that you may find scandalous; so, hold on.  I believe that the food industry is lying to us. They are boxing up pre-made Frankenfood and are telling us that it is Healthy (usually in bright letters, too).  It’s a healthy choice, a smart option, low fat, low carb, low sodium, no trans-fat, no palm oil, all natural, etc., etc., etc.

Scary stuff on the labelIt’s a lie.

Any packaged food item other than honey with shelf life of several years is unnatural.  You can bet that if your bread doesn’t mold after a few days, then it’s just like Joan Rivers – it’s got lots of parts that just ain’t found in nature. I don’t care what the package says: that is not good for us.

Milk should spoil. Vegetables should rot. Meat should go off.  These are organic substances and the natural progression of their life cycles involves an end.

Today’s chips don’t go stale. Canned vegetables last forever.  Jarred sauces can be left as a legacy.  And we have more cancer, more food sensitivity, more celiac disease, higher rates of infertility, ADD, diabetes, hypertension, obesity, etc.  Direct link?  Well, I can’t prove it; but, I’d say the circumstantial evidence is fairly overwhelming.  I’m pretty sure Perry Mason would take the case.

Here’s what I think: it’s not the front of the package that matters.  It’s the back.  All the misleading health claims in the world will be exploded when we just read the ingredient list: partially hydrogenated, corn syrup, sugar, salt, monosodium glutamate.  Watch words on any container.

What’s the back of your can look like?


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