Neatly Bookended

fireworksOkay, so I had this other piece that I was going to post today.  It was cooking in my brain almost all day yesterday; but, you’ll just have to wait until tomorrow to talk about Bobbi-Claire Akins because today, we are celebrating!!!!

Yesterday morning started with a text from a friend that she was in One-derland!  Woohoo!!!!  I don’t know the last time she was there, but I’d say at least seven years or so.  Then came news that a friend in Jackson is continuing to make good choices for herself.  Then came news that my sister, while not losing weight is losing size and feeling better than ever. Then a friend in Nebraska reported that her compression workout gear is getting loose. And, finally, my friend Cindy reported a loss of 16 pounds!  Hurray!!!!!

I talk about weight loss a lot; however, while that was my initial goal two years ago, it’s really a by-product now.  The goal is good health.  The goal is a better functioning body.  The goal is better life for whatever years we live.

My friend in Jackson has gone from drinking two cups of morning coffee, each containing five heaping teaspoons (the serving kind, not the measuring kind) of white sugar to drinking two cups of morning coffee, each containing one heaping teaspoon of turbinado sugar. She’s eating more vegetables, less bread and feeling better than she remembered that she could.

My One-derland friend, my sister, and my friend Cindy are all making better food choices – reducing or eliminating soy, wheat and refined sugar.  My friend in Nebraska is exercising daily.  All of these women are feeling better than they have in a very long time.

Today, I take my hat of to them!  I thank them for sharing their success with me.  What a privilege to get to watch your triumph!!

Well done.  Keep it up and we’ll talk about Bobbi-Claire tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “Neatly Bookended”

  1. What is turbinal sugar. I’m sad to day I do Splenda but my Dr. Says sugar is bad bc I have Insulin Resistance. I am down a couple of lbs. been jogging(real slow). You are inspiring.

    1. That is the raw sugar that they sell (usually near the stevia, etc.). With insulin resistance, it’s probably still not an option; however, for someone who uses regular sugar, it’s a little better option. Less processed is often better.

  2. That is awesome news! Love to read your blog! Sometimes I don’t get to read them daily but I try to go back and read the ones I miss!! 😉

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