Building Something to Move You

Walking-ClipartWaking Up in Vegas, Stricken with The Mango Kid going Tick, Tick, Boom in my ears, I concentrate on Learning to Fly because I’m a Spitfire.

It’s all about the soundtrack for me.  When I run or swim, I don’t listen to music.  Those activities are more like meditation for me.  They actually allow me to turn my brain off and clear my thoughts.  As a result, those activities are more mentally refreshing for me than just walking is.  However, at this point, walking is my main method of exercise, which kind of stinks since I don’t have much fun walking.  I don’t have much fun, that is, if I don’t take good music with me to drive me along.

My son made a terrific playlist for me to exercise to.  I use the same one all the time and I love it. I use it when I walk at the park and when I’m on a treadmill.   The beats vary a little so I shorten or lengthen my stride to match.  When I’m on the treadmill and wondering if I’ll be able to make it to the end of my workout, I visualize where I am on the park trail and I won’t let myself finish until I’m back at the car.  It’s a parlor trick, I know.  It works, though, so I’m going to continue to use it.

If you’re having a hard time making yourself go for that walk, build a playlist that works for you.  Build one that makes you want to smile, want to dance or want to run.  Build one that inspires or moves you.  The links above will get you to videos of songs that get me moving (I apologize for the quality of the one for The Mango Kid.  It’s a shame I couldn’t find one better – that’s a great song,)  Find what works for you.  Build it and use it.

After all, Ladies and Gentlemen, you are a Firework.


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