Challenge – Day One

1inCRYSTALSRelax, I’m not going to phone in the next 30 days worth of posts with minor challenge updates; however, I am going to talk about today, the first day of my 30-Day Challenge.  Today was heavy on fitness.

I did a lot of walking today that I’m not going to count towards my total; however, I have some rather heavy topics weighing on my mind these days.  When I found myself brooding on them (brooding is such a descriptive word, don’t you think?), I would get up from y desk, walk down the four flights of stairs, march around the building, then walk back up the stairs.  I made this trek three times. My black heels are not designed for this.

After work and feeding the hordes, I took myself off to the gym where I sweated on the elliptical for 20 minutes, lifted weights for 30 (working on arms, shoulders and back), then walked for another 18 minutes.  My fitness goals for the month were:

  • Get to the gym 12 times
  • Walk 12 miles
  • Drink 1920 oz of water (she says that’s 64 oz a day)

I’ve made one trek to the gym, walked one mile and I consumed roughly 100 ounces of water today. It’s a decent start.

You guys didn’t share your Challenge goals with me (for shame). Anybody get started on it?


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