Lifestyle Challenge of Holidays

turkey_roastingTomorrow will be the second Thanksgiving in 20 years that my son has been away from me. I expect that it will be easier than last year when I didn’t speak to another human being all day.  Truthfully, I’m not even sure I brushed my teeth. Ugh. Not a good day. This year, I have to work and have only a few hours between shifts. In those few hours, I have plans with friends. I’ve got the turkey brining right now.

Tomorrow will still be a challenge for me and, likely, for you, too.  With all the cornbread dressing (or bread stuffing if you’re not lucky enough to be in the South), pumpkin, chess, pecan or sweet potato pies, cranberry sauce, etc., etc., etc., it’s going to be a tough one to stay on course.

So, don’t.

Enjoy the day. Enjoy the food. Enjoy your family. Enjoy the parade. Enjoy the football. Enjoy the tryptophan coma.

Then get back on track Friday.


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