Vaguely Resolved

1074872_10151625182673197_1604804813_oLast year, I threw darts on a team for a few weeks.  I threw them badly, mind you, but I threw them nevertheless. Still, I enjoyed learning the new games and I enjoyed the camaraderie that whole subculture offered to me. I got better as time went on until, at last, other players no longer wore kevlar or feared for their safety. The dart boards were clearly marked and the rules of the games meticulously defined. There was no question what my goals were as a player. The only question was if I had the skill to hit the targeted sections I needed.

As we enter this new year, the same question holds true throughout my life: do I have the skill to hit the targets?

Well, yeah. I just have to define what those targets are and I mean really define them. It’s not enough to say that I want to lose some weight, get healthier, or be more organized. I have to be specific – as specific as hitting a double six with my last dart to close out a game of 501. So, I will share with you the resolutions I am making to myself, the goals I am setting for myself:

  • Reduce my size so that I can wear my size six clothes again. (That will actually be the natural result of keeping the following resolutions related to increasing my level of health.)
  • Go to the gym at least four days a week.  (I stand or walk a minimum of nine hours each night at work; however, I’m still not getting the aerobic or strength training I need, in spite of what I tell myself.)
  • Reduce my diet soda intake to no more than 12 ounces a day.
  • Increase my water intake to at least 72 ounces a day.
  • Reintroduce an animal protein-free day into my diet each week.
  • Reintroduce a fish day into my diet each week.
  • Reduce my wheat intake to two servings a week.
  • Resume careful portion control and food intake documentation.
  • Establish and maintain house, car and dog cleaning schedule.
  • Remove useless and/or meaningless objects from my house. (In other words, I’ve got all kinds of crap in my living space and in my attic that does nothing but take up space and give all the dust bunnies a place to hide. That crap’s gotta go. I’m thinking eBay. Thoughts, anyone?)

That’s enough to get me going, don’t you think? I’ve already started on a few of them and am excited to at least have some feeling of order and control in my life again. I’ve got my darts in my hands and am aiming for that triple 20 to make this year a better scoring one that last year.

What are your plans for the new year?


7 thoughts on “Vaguely Resolved”

  1. I love you girl! Looks like a plan! eBay, local FB groups (I’ll send a list of mine) so you can search like ones
    As George P said–I love it when a plan comes together!

    1. I’ll be looking for those groups, Chele. It’s just time to get rid of those things that I never use, never even see. There’s no point in them clogging the atmosphere in my home, right?

  2. The resolution to get rid of crap is one I need to work on. I have no patience for selling stuff on eBay. I take everything I no longer need or want to the Good Samaritan Thrift store. I found out that if they can’t use it that they make money sending it to a recycler. A good deal all around.

    1. We’ve got a few thrift shops around that I’ll check into, Jane. That’s a great suggestion. Taking the stuff will lighten the atmosphere in my home and help someone else out.

  3. I started with a trainer at the gym this week – I can’t walk – but I am going to the weight and get stronger this year! I’ve been trying the running thing but can’t work up to a full mile with no walking and I fully believe that it’s the weight. I’ve been tracking my foods – I eat very healthy but I now realize that I eat too many fat grams for what I want to accomplish. I also am purging – getting rid of the crap – I’m tired of looking at it, tired of no room and tired of no organization. Keep in mind that I am OCD so I am not messy – my junk IS organized – but it’s there nonetheless 🙂 We’ve got this – it’s going to be a year of accomplishments! Love ya girl – keep these posts coming. Love your openness and honesty!

    1. Thanks so much, Wanda. I’m so proud of your first steps – a trainer is a great thing, particularly when getting started. Those people really know their stuff! Keep me posted on how that goes.

      I, too, have been eating too much fat (in the form of peanut butter and almonds) and have got to cut that down along with all of the excess sugars. It’s like guarding a fort, right? You can never let your guard down lest invaders (or oatmeal cookies, whatever) creep in while you’re not looking.

      Hang tough! You’ve got this!

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