So, What Had Happened Was……

I know. I know. I said that I’d commit to writing on Mondays and Thursdays; but, I completely missed last Thursday. Well, what had happened was…..

Generally, you know that a great, big, fat lie is coming when a sentence starts off with those words; however, let me finish and it may make sense to you.

I go to work every evening at 6:30 PM. I get off the following morning at 5:00 AM. I go home, do some stuff, then go to sleep. I awake again at 4 or so ON THE SAME DAY I FELL ASLEEP. I used to call going to sleep and waking on the same day a nap. Now, I call it a night’s sleep. It’s the weirdest thing ever and, as a result of it, I rarely know what day it is. It used to be a challenge for me to remember the date. Now, seriously, it’s a big deal if I know what day of the week it is. I no longer have cable; so, I don’t watch television. I don’t read the newspaper and I don’t often look at the date on the news articles that I do read. I don’t have a calendar touch point anymore; so, I just float from one day to the next in an endless stream of time without artificial barriers. Then, last week, I heard someone say something about how happy they were that it was Friday and I thought, “Oh, crap. I missed publishing yesterday.” Cross my heart. I did think that.

If you have ever worked third shift, you know exactly what I mean. If you haven’t, you have no clue what I mean and, frankly, I’m jealous that I’m no longer one of you.

I tell people all the time that I have become a vampire and that isn’t far from the truth. Because I work overtime most weeks, I work ten-hour shifts, five days a week. The sleep I do get is during the day and is often interrupted and poor. I feel chronically sleep deprived. I do housework, etc. at night and rarely see the sun. I miss the sun.

I miss my friends who sleep at night. I miss hockey (I’ve missed nearly the whole season and can’t even give you the Preds’ roster anymore. Scandalous, I tell you!) I miss knowing what day it is. Hell! I miss knowing what month it is!

But, mostly, I think, I miss the sun.

You’d think that after months of this, I’d be used to it or at least have some kind of handle on it; but, I don’t. So, I beg your indulgence (again) as I figure out a way to live up to my commitment of posting at least twice a week. And, again, thanks so much for continuing to visit with me.


3 thoughts on “So, What Had Happened Was……”

  1. I hire nurses and other hospital staff now. Love, love, love my job, but I’ve come to the realization that night shift people are wired differently. Some people are wired for it, and others, like me, are NOT. My husband works nights too, and is going thru the same thing you are. It sucks. Night shift sucks.

  2. Third shift is SOOOOO not fun!! I’ve done it a couple of different jobs, my first aviation job was 3rd shift in the parts department, HATED it! Chin up, and sleep when you can!

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