Pouting With Puffs

Cheese puffs, that is.

Yesterday, I shared with you that my boyfriend has dumped me. Since we weren’t in love, it’s not like my heart is broken. Still, any kind of total rejection like that stings and I have reacted to that stinging by applying the balm of Cheetos. Plus, I’ve gone back to my first loves – Ben & Jerry. I have friends who are recovering drug addicts and alcoholics. When their egos take a hit, they really struggle not to return to drugs or alcohol. I have a similar struggle with food. And I have fallen off the wagon.

This, of course, means that my adorable blue shorts cannot contain my burgeoning backside. Time to call a screeching halt to all of that!

And on Sunday, I did.

After I had a cheeseburger, crinkle fries and a vanilla soft-serve cone from Karin’s Kustard. This was to be my last junk food meal for awhile; so, I wanted something especially naughty. I got the hook-up at Karin’s. Their cheeseburgers are too yummy, but it’s the crinkle fries and soft serve that I love most. Seriously, if you’re going to have fries, in my opinion, anything other than crinkle fries is just a waste of time and calories. (By the way, rather than fueling me, the meal made me super sleepy.)

I hit up Aldi then came home and cleaned out the refrigerator. I threw out the sketchy bottles of wine, the high-fat and sugar dressings and the dairy milk. Out went some really scary squashes and a couple of containers of I-don’t-even-know-what. I put the Alouette and the last of my Mississippi State Edam cheese in the freezer to eat in moderation some time later. (As an aside, if you’ve never had Edam cheese from the Mississippi State Dairy Science Department, do yourself a favor and order a ball. You’ll thank me later.)

Wallace kitty checks out the newly restocked fridge.
Wallace kitty on smackeral patrol.

In went the Aldi’s loot!

Lettuce mixes, baby kale, arugula, broccoli, cauliflower, and almond milk hit the shelves. Honeydew melon, watermelon, and grapes soon followed. Bananas and lemons went into a pretty bowl on the counter. Eggplant, some carrots, some yellow squash, and some Portobello mushrooms were roasted for consumption later this week.  I chopped sweet peppers, some onions, some yellow squash, some portobellos (they were on sale) and some carrots to go with grape tomatoes and spinach into salads, omelets or to dip in hummus. I stocked the cabinets with dried beans, tuna packed in water, oatmeal, dried cherries and cashews divided into single servings (it’s too easy for me to eat too many otherwise). I can practically hear my cells rejoicing over the selection!

This week will be all about the veggie and fruit consumption. I’m going to be straight with you – my body is going to rebel at some point. I’ve let it get used to refined sugar again and it’s going to pitch a toddler tantrum for sweets long about tomorrow. I’ll have to respond to it just like I did to my son when he was a toddler. I’ll tell myself, “Princess (b’cause you know I call myself Princess), that is unacceptable. You stop that this instant! You may not have that Twix. You may have these grapes.” In all likelihood, my body will still pout about it for a couple of days, throwing mini-tantrums here and there; but, I’ll have you with me and that will keep me strong.

Well, that and the fact that I threw out the Cheetos.




5 thoughts on “Pouting With Puffs”

  1. You go Jon Ann! I have been doing the same thing but I have to have protein so I have been eating shrimp, chicken and turkey. Curious —What is Alouette?

    1. Alouette is a creamy cheese concoction with herbs. It’s fabulous, but not as is more calorie than nutrient dense.

      I do eat some animal protein most days; however, I’ve ignored by plant intact far too long. That’s what I’m concentrating on this week – giving my body the plant-based nutrients it needs. It’s been kind of funny, though, as my food choices have developed. Where I once ate animal protein 3 times a day nearly every day, I may eat it 3-5 times a week now, depending on how many times I eat eggs. I would never have thought I’d do that, carnivorous person that I am,

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