Departure Time

As I shared with you awhile ago, my mother took me to the American cemetery at Normandy the summer I was 18. That afternoon quite literally changed my life. It gave me an appreciation for soldiers in general and World War II solders in specific that I had not had before. This weekend, my appreciate for those men and women grew even more.

My friend Ryan works for a group called The Collings Foundation. They are on their 25th anniversary Wings of Freedom tour where they go all around the country with restored B-17, B-24 and P-51 aircraft. They give people the opportunity to tour the aircraft and (the best) to go for rides on them! On Saturday, I went for a little ride on the B-24 aptly named Witchcraft. Even before take-off, I was completely bewitched. My face hurt from all the smiling I was doing and all I could say was, “Oh, wow!”

Here are a few of the photos I took:

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If you live in or near Bowling Green, KY, the aircraft are there today and tomorrow. Other upcoming stops are:

  • Jeffersonville, IN
  • Lexington, KY
  • Altoona, PA
  • Belmar, NJ
  • Wilmington, DE
  • Cape May, NJ
  • Farmingdale, NY
  • Oxford, CT
  • Norwood, MA
  • Hyannis, MA
  • White Plains, NY
  • Morristown, NJ
  • Westminster, MD

The Greatest Generation is dying off quickly. If you know any of those vets, talk to them, listen to their amazing stories. And, if you live near any of the cities listed, do yourself a favor, check out the tour schedule and go see or take a ride on these beautiful, historic aircraft.


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