In the Starting Blocks

After a week’s worth of prep, I’m ready to start my juice fast today. Although I did eat a salad with balsamic vinaigrette on Wednesday, and a spoonful each of baked beans, potato salad and banana pudding at a cookout on Saturday, the rest of the days this week have seen me eating only granola bars and bananas, and drinking a variety of fruit and vegetable juices along with coconut water.

You couldn’t see me; but, I totally shivered when I typed that – coconut water. So, Joe Cross says that I need to be drinking a ton of this stuff every day because of the potassium it contains. Basically, coconut water is like natural Gatorade. He recommends that I drink the unsweetened, unflavored kind. Um…no. I tried it, y’all, really I did. I even tried it at that super-cold temperature you use when you serve crappy wine so that no one can really taste it. Nope. Coconut water tastes like sweaty grass. Plus, it’s not exactly in my budget – a liter ran me about four bucks. At that price, I’ll mix what I have left with fruit juices that mask its taste enough that I can drink it; but, I’ll not be buying any more. Sorry, Joe. I’m just going to have to throw a few bananas in with my juices every day. For me, that’s noconut water.

I did drink a lot of plain water over the week, though, and not one single soda. As I told you last week, I drank my last Diet Coke on Friday night. By Sunday, a universe was being born in my head. I could barely lift it off the pillow. To be honest, my head didn’t completely stop hurting until Tuesday. Even until Friday I would have sold a kidney for a cold Diet Coke; but, the cravings have decreased since then. When I go into a convenience store, I find myself heading for the cooler more out of habit than anything else.

GemüsedrinksIn addition to plain water, I’ve enjoyed Vitamin Water Zero with no artificial sweeteners. The lemonade flavor is my favorite. I also like those flavored waters by Dasani; but, I worry about the sweeteners they use since I can’t find them listed. I’ve also followed Joe’s advice and replace my morning cup of coffee with a cup of hot water with lemon. It’s not nearly the same as my personal CDM/French vanilla brew; but, it’s a warm drink that has some flavor and my body seems to like that.

As for juices, I drank a few Spicy V-8s. And I’ve bought some of the Naked brand – Green Machine, Berry Veggie, and Orange Mango: but, their juices contain more sugar than I really want in each serving. I prefer the juices from Bolthouse Farms. Their Mango Ginger + Carrot is my favorite! They also make a Daily Greens juice that is just stupid nutritious! The flavor takes a little getting used to, though, so I like to mix a quart-sized bottle of it with a 15.2 ounce bottle of their Green Goodness. It makes the Daily Greens a little sweeter, but doesn’t wreck the nutritional value with all that sugar – natural or not.

This week, I’ll start with the 5-Day Reboot, then go from there. I thought I had a line on a great used juicer, but the seller flaked out on me; so, I’m going shopping today before I hit up the local grocery stores for my veggies. More tomorrow on what I find in both categories.

So, even after an astrophysical headache and Diet Coke DTs, I’m still resolved and ready to get this underway! Let’s get juicing!




6 thoughts on “In the Starting Blocks”

  1. Even though I only drink 2 cups of coffee a day (M-F and mostly 1/2 decaf) I have the MUTHA of headaches by Sunday morning if I don’t get some tea or something on Sat. But I like my coffee…… What’s Joe have against caffeine?

    1. Nothing, in general. In fact, although he’s not a coffee drinker, he points out that it does have some health benefits when consumed in moderation. It’s only during the reboot that it’s not allowed and the purpose is to flood your body with huge amounts of nutrients while keeping toxins and extraneous things to a minimum. Caffeine can cause highs and lows that he’s trying to avoid during the reboot. Additionally, the reboot period is the time to get things back in check. My one or two daily cups of coffee can quickly become three, then a half pot, then a whole pot. During this period, the habit gets scaled back to a reasonable quantity.

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