Friday’s New Focus

gourdsAs you may have noticed this week, my patience has been looking a little thinner than usual. It must have been on a diet when I wasn’t looking. While I haven’t been exactly cranky, I’ve not felt like I was on an even keel, either. Last night at work, when I was carrying something a little heavy around, I had a moment where my focus shifted. In that moment, I felt my muscles and bones working together and I was thankful. I am thankful that I have a job to go to and thankful that my body feels and functions better at 47 than it did at 37.

I believe that part of my discontent this week has been rooted in watching others, which is just never a good idea. When I watch others, I see what they get away with or how they are rewarded for flimsy reasons. And I get frustrated. I become discontent thinking that someone is getting a better deal than I am. I know that to watch others or to pay more attention to them and what they’re doing than to what I’m doing is a sure-fire way to become irritated.

Sure, many things in my life have been and could be better; but, today, I am thankful that they aren’t worse. I’m a healthy woman who has a home, a job, great family, wonderful friends, comforting pets, and, well, just more than I can list.

And that’s all I’m focusing on.



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