It Ain’t Walgreens

You know how they have those feel good commercials with John Corbett cheerfully telling us that we can find our local Walgreen’s store at the corner of Happy and Healthy? Well, honey, I ain’t on that corner today.

I’m more on the corner of Where’s the Tequila and Hide the Sharp Objects.

To say that yesterday was full of trials is something of an understatement. On balance, the day was so close to a nightmare that you’d swear they were more than fraternal twins. There were a host of actual negative experiences and one super-positive potential one. At this point, I’m just wanting to go to bed and hit the reset button.

But, before I do that, I’m going to do three things:

1. I’m going to have a soothing cup of herbal tea.

2. I’m going to spend a few minutes  remembering how much fun my weekend was on my whirlwind mini-vacation. I’m going to remember how wonderful it was to spend time with loved ones and to eat all that wonderful New Orleans food.


3. I’m going to ask you all to send me positive thoughts and waves of encouragement. If the thoughts of many can influence randomly generated computer numbers in blind tests (check out The Holographic Universe for more on that), surely, your positive thoughts can turn my potential positive into an actual one.

Now it’s time for that cup of tea.

Farewell until Monday.


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