Making a New Habit

habit-loopHow long does it really take to develop a new habit? How long will it take me to stop automatically reaching for chips and reach for carrot sticks instead? I’ve seen numbers ranging from as few as 21 days to as many as 66. What that indicates to me is that it really depends on the individual involved, their motivation and how entrenched the bad habit is.


For this particular individual, it clearly takes longer than two weeks, which is how long I really lasted in Project 40. I really wish I could just download a new habit straight into my brain à la The Matrix.(Although maybe without all the cord into the base of the skull thing. Yikes!) It seems that my wishes are ahead of technology; so, I will have to do this the old-fashioned way – I’m going to have to destroy the old habit by building a new one.

Yesterday was the start and while I didn’t win every battle, I won more than I lost. I ate the cup of chocolate pudding, but I didn’t eat the pizza. I didn’t stop at a convenience store or take money for the vending machines at work – although I could still hear the Zapp’s Voodoo chips mocking me. I made better choices with my salads and roasted vegetables. Was it fun?

Um, no.

But, like our parents told us when we were growing up: not everything is fun. Sometimes, you just have to put on your big girl panties and get the job done. Other times, you have to get the job done so that you can fit back into your big girl panties!

Overall, I’ll put yesterday in the Win column since I stayed away from candy bars, chips and white bread. I ate some corn bread that I made, but I limited how much I ate.

Day One is in the books for establishing a new habit …. now, on to Day Two!


2 thoughts on “Making a New Habit”

  1. Chin up! You didn’t eat the pizza!! I’m on day 4 of a 60 day juice fast, and I feel like crap!! Yesterday had fever and aches, and today nausea, but I know that it is just my body getting rid of all the nasty things I’ve been putting in it lately. Hopefully, at the end of this 60 days, I, too, will have developed better habits, and not CRAVE mashed potatoes when I get stressed!!

    By the way, you look amazing!!

    1. Thanks, Kathy! I feel like rolly-polly right now, but I know that will change.

      60 days! Wow! That’s quite a commitment! I’ve read that the first 5 days are the worst. Keep me posted on how it goes.

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