Ethel Thayer’s Thutt

On Golden Pond. What a great movie! At one point, Henry Fonda’s Norman is talking about his wife’s name:” ‘Ethel Thayer.’ It sounds like I’m lisping, doesn’t it?” I love this movie. It’s a great stand-by. Henry Fonda and the incomparable Katherine Hepburn are always going to be great. The writing is always going to be good; it’s always going to be touching. It’s predictable and I like that in this often unpredictable world.

Another thing that is predictable is how my body loses weight. It always comes off my face, hands and belly first. I’ve been a yo-yo dieter long enough to know these established patterns, right? Well, as they say, the exception proves the rule (a saying I’ve never really understood because it seems to me that the exception obliterates the rule, but, whatever). This time, my body chose to drop the weight first from my face, hands and thutt – you know, that area where your butt and thighs meet.

Now, let me say that I’ve found differing definitions of thutt. One is the one I just gave you. The other refers to those unfortunate people who have no clearly defined butt area – those whose rear view looks more like the long side of an acute triangle than any portion of a sphere. But for our purposes, we are going with the definition of a junction, not an editorial about it.

Anyhoo. While others can’t see my weight loss yet, I can feel it. I feel it mostly in how my clothes fit, my jeans in particular. My jeans are easier to button, for sure, and I’ve seen some decrease in the size of my bundt cake; but, the biggest difference has been in the seat of my pants – in my thutt – and let me be perfectly clear: I’m fine with that. A friend of mine used to say, “I don’t care what color my hair turns, as long as it doesn’t turn loose.” The same holds true here. I’ve got a long way to go yet; but, as long as the fat stores are being used up, I don’t care where which stores get used first.

Tho, thayonara, thutt! Hello, loothe jeanth!


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