It Was There All Along

Actual exchange with a coworker in September:

Him: It was in the last place you looked, wasn’t it?

Me: Of course it was, why would I keep looking after I found it?


When you lay it out like that, it sounds kind of ridiculous – why would you keep looking for something once you’ve found it? You wouldn’t.

Except that we do.

key-in-the-sandWe do it all the time – in jobs and often even in mates. The grass is always greener, right? During the Great Reduction, I found a formula that worked for me. It was the same old formula that good doctors have been espousing for decades – make healthful food choices and get at least moderate exercise.

So why am I still tempted by all those get-thin-quick schemes?!

Because I want someone else to do the work for me, of course!

Folks, we’ve established (or at least I have) that it just doesn’t work that way. If I want the rewards, I have to do the work and, make no mistake, making big lifestyle changes is work. Although I tend to be a hard worker, I can also be quite the Tom Sawyer, looking for easier ways or for others to do the work for me – looking for greener pastures.

Well, friends, when it comes to making healthful choices, the only greener pastures that will get me where I want to go are in the produce section, right where they’ve been all along.


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