Dawn is Coming

We’ve all heard that it’s darkest before the dawn. Frankly, I don’t know that means; but, I know that things were pretty dark for me last night. Twice I had my keys in my hand to go get some french fries. Twice I put them down. The fries themselves wouldn’t have been too, too terrible; but, I couldn’t lie to myself. The fries would have brought along their friend Frosty or McFlurry. And that would have been bad.

So, I sat back on the sofa, continued to watch Band of Brothers (amazing, by the way) and ate a bowl of frozen mixed berries. My craving wasn’t satisfied; but, I skipped the feeling of morning-after guilt, which is worth a fair bit.

These bouts with cravings are becoming less intense and further apart. Thank goodness! Although I can tell a big difference in my taste buds, they’re not finished changing and I have to hold out long enough them to finish changing. As they change, my cravings become easier to manage. For instance, in my cabinet I have some Heath toffee brickle that I use in brownies. There have been times when I’ve just eaten the brickle like it was a crushed toffee bar. When I though about doing that on Monday, my taste buds fired back – “Nah! The chocolate will just taste waxy and the toffee will be too sweet.” I had some frozen mango chunks instead and I was okay.

But, as I remembered last night, the cravings aren’t done. I have to keep hanging in there. Dawn is coming.


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