I’m super excited! On Saturday and again yesterday, I went for a walk with my dog Ellie (pictured above modeling her adorable Tennessee flag collar, which you can find here). We walked about a mile and a quarter each time at about two mph – strolling, really – and neither my foot nor my ankle hurt the following days!

The doctor called my injury an “overuse” injury, which makes perfect sense. What also makes sense is that I cannot go from sitting around letting it heal straight back to walking seven miles a shift; so, I’m going to get to that number gradually. I’ll rest the foot again today before walking again tomorrow. I can work up to that distance walking on alternating days. It feels really good to out and walking, plus Ellie loves it. When we approached the park, she started whining and wagging her tail like crazy. During The Great Reduction, I walked there with her and our late Labrador Trey frequently.

I’m thrilled to feel like I’m making some progress for a change! I just have to remember to take it slowly.


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