Restoring My Soul

My spirit got a little banged up over the last couple of weeks.  I was dealing with all kinds of head trash and serious cerebral poppycock.  On Thursday, I developed a plan to get back on course and I began implementing it. Friday saw me making strides in the office, then spending time with my friend Nan sharing burdens Friday night.

Sun, breeze and waterThe real restoration work began on Saturday when I got a haircut.  I didn’t make any huge style change but she cleaned up the edges and gave me some little side bangs.  Just a little change, but I felt perkier the second I walked out the door.  Then, I went kayaking with my friend Mark.  We didn’t fight any white water or brave any rapids.  We paddled upstream for awhile then paddled and floated back downstream.  We talked about the weird trivial things we both seem to know.  We enjoyed the warm sun, the gentle breeze and the general lack of mechanized noise.  No radios. No phones. No cars. Few motorized boats and few aircraft.  It was us, the sound of the water, the odd fishing jumping and the birds. It was peaceful.

Sunday was spent in the company of The Bestest Dad Ever, cousins, and friends in Memphis.  A lunch that couldn’t be beat (hum a few bars of Alice’s Restaurant here) saw the table groaning from the weight of smothered pork chops, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, grilled chicken, baked zucchini with pecorino romano, pink beans, biscuits, layered salad, cucumber tomato salad, and (in spite of my milk issues) tres leches cake.  Tres leche cake isn’t in the eating program, you say?  Well……. Aside from the splendid food, the company was genial and enjoyable.

On the whole, the weekend was just the balm my bruised spirit needed.  And what does it boil down to?  A battle plan for fixing the things that have gone wrong and time with – you got it – my support system!

If you are tired, wounded, or bruised.  I can say to you with renewed conviction that you MUST identify your support system and use them to restore your spirit.  You can tell them that you’re leaning on them or not, it doesn’t matter.  They are your support system and time spent with people who truly love you and who truly want what is best for you is priceless. (And every great now and then, a slice of truly exceptional tres leche cake is pretty priceless, too.)

Do those things that soothe you – listen to good music, go for a hike, ride a horse, take in a movie, reread your favorite book.  If your spirit is bruised or harassed, you’ve got to take a little time to restore it.  It is your core.  If it isn’t healthy, the rest of you cannot be sustained.  Take care of the center of who you are.

Again today, I’m working on that for me.



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