Acknowledge, Accept and Solve

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMy life situation today is pretty much exactly as it was yesterday; however, my mental situation is miles away from where it was.  I believe the difference is acceptance.

I fought admitting that my difficulties were the result of a bad fit. As I said yesterday, I believed that I was failing and had failed. The struggle to avoid or solve that failure caused a tremendous amount of stress. While I am certainly still adjusting to the new direction, I feel better about taking it.

When discussing yesterday’s blog with my friend Gavin, she reminded me of how much time we spend trying to make something fit. I don’t put those pinchy shoes back on the rack – they’re cute! I’ll MAKE them fit. Then I end up with blisters on my blisters. I pin that tight blouse closed. I spend all day adjusting poor fitting garments trying to hide the fact that they don’t fit. Still, I know and so does anyone else who’s looking. It’s so much easier when I wear things that fit. Which is why I feel better today.

I’m not wearing pinchy shoes.

I have a long row to hoe yet, to be sure; however, I’ve taken the first steps. I’ve acknowledged the poor fit, accepted it and am solving it.

Those steps are necessary for any corrective change, I think. Like when I changed my eating habits. First I had to acknowledge that I was unhealthy and needed to change. I mean, on the one hand, I obviously knew that I was overweight, but I made excuses. When my blood pressure was up, I had to stop making those excuses and acknowledge that I had a problem.

After I acknowledged it, I had to accept it or change it.  I chose to change it. Then, I chose to solve it.

Wouldn’t it be nice if finding a viable solution was just that easy? In terms of losing weight and getting healthier, it kind of was. I stopped eating processed foods, ate more veggies, more fruit, more whole foods, more lean meats and less wheat. I watched my portions. I walked. I started doing all of those unglamorous things that I’d heard for years. And it worked.

So, I’ve acknowledged the need to make some changes in my personal and professional life. I’ve accepted the need to change. Now, I’m effecting a solution.

Here’s to finding the perfect fit.


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