Feeling Soxy

(Ba dum dum)

Yesterday we talked about how crucial it is that you wear the right shoes when you’re walking, running, or standing for long periods. It took me a while to learn it at work; but, after I learned it, I’ve had several great conversations with coworkers on what shoes have worked best for them. I get as many different answers as the number of people I talk to. But, another issue that comes up nearly every time is socks.

Yes, socks.

I discounted it for ages. I mean, really. How much difference can a sock make? It’s a little woven thing, for crying out loud. I can see where its breathability would make a difference, but the cushion? Nah.

Well, that was my opinion before my sweet friend Sean (the jerk and personal trainer) gave me some Nike Dri-Fit socks for my birthday. Before I wore them, I was perfectly happy with my inexpensive little white socks from Target.

nike dri-fit socksThen I wore these and I am no longer content with my cheap little socks.

Turns out, these socks truly do make an appreciable difference. In fact, I was shocked at the difference. I don’t know if it’s the little bit of cushioning at the heel and toe, if it’s ribbing around the arch, or if it’s the material keeping my feet dry. I imagine it’s a combination since the effect is probably the result of a significant investment by Nike in the development of these little wonders. These socks do cost more than my socks-by-the-bag; however, the cost is totally worth the difference in how my feet, knees, and hips feel at the end of a shift.

Because I spend so much time on my feet at work and because my knees are not really ready for it, I have not started running again – although I do dream about it. I’m interested to see the difference the socks make on a run.

I’d love to hear from you if you know!

So, again, the right tools for the job – when framing a house, use a Stiletto hammer, not a ball-peen one. To avoid blisters, wear gloves that fit. When running, walking, or standing, wear the right shoe for the surface and duration. And to keep your feet really cozy, wear the right socks.

Dang that Sean for increasing my sock budget! Bless the man for making my feet more comfy.


7 thoughts on “Feeling Soxy”

  1. Socks make ALL the difference with a long walk or a run. Thorlo or Belaga socks – love either of those. Tight fitting, quick dry so no blisters!

    1. Given that I”m new to this proper sock game, I’ve not heard of those. But, you can bet that I’ll be checking them out! Thanks, Wanda!

    1. Between your comment and Wanda’s, I’m beginning to think that you all knew about this for ages and kept it to yourselves! Friends! Harumph.

  2. I just assumed my workout queen knew this kind of information. It’s good to have friends that had ugly blistered feet 🙂

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