Play It Again, Stella

As I think I’ve mentioned, I have quite the menagerie – two dogs, four indoor cats, and several feral kitties that I feed. So, when my friend Sean (he of the fabulous socks) and his wife had only two dogs themselves, theirs would come join our pack when the Opreas would go out of town. (Click on the link. Yes, Sean and Erin really do look like that. Crazy fit!)

241913_10150981526903197_988149809_oAnyway, they have this one Lab mix named Stella. Stella has had some traumatic events in her life and has rather a unique personality as a result. But one thing about her is all Labrador – that dog loves to fetch! As a human, this game has a short life-span for me. Five or ten throws and I’m pretty much done. Not Stella! She will bring the ball back to you to throw again and again until you throw your arm off with it. Then, she’ll bring the ball AND your arm back to you. She just loves to play.

Which reminds me of children and how they love to play. As adults, we lose a lot of that. We run for exercise, to make a meeting or to beat that extreme couponer to the check-out line. We don’t run “just because.” Now think about toddlers. When was the last time you saw a toddler walk anywhere? They typically don’t. They run. They run because it’s new to them. They run because everything around them is exciting and they want to get in on it as soon as possible. They run because they can. They run for joy.

As adults, it is SO easy to let the day-to-day slog of going to work, paying bills, fixing leaky faucets, grocery shopping, vet visits, etc., to drain our joy. Under daily pressures, the easiest thing in the world to forget is to have fun – real belly laughing fun.

This weekend, do something just for the fun of it. Go to a movie or to a batting cage. Play miniature golf or regular golf. Go for a swim or a hike. Lie on a blanket on the grass. Do something “just because.”

I’ve already got a “just because” planned for myself. Check back with me on Monday to see how it went. Until then, enJOY your weekend and your holiday!

Remember to play.


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