Just Because…A Human Lives Here, Too

“I’ll take ‘Blog Goddess Jon Anne Doty’ for $1000, Alex”

“Fastidious Housekeeper”

“What is ‘apt description’?”

“No, I’m sorry! What we were looking for there was ‘What is an implausible epitaph’?”

les-miserables-madame thenardierYeah, that’s what will happen if I’m ever a Jeopardy category. Some poor schmuck (who never read my blog) will lose a grand. Fastidious housekeeper? Me? In the immortal words of Madame Thenardier: Don’t make me laugh!

My Just Because plan for the weekend was stormed out. I had planned to go to Normandy Lake and learn to paddle board; however, scattered and isolated thunderstorms were predicted all weekend long and I spent WAY too much time as a swimming instructor and lifeguard to even think about going on the water in a storm. While I was thinking about a Plan B, I began to do a little housework and, soon, cleaning my house became my Plan B.

Now, you’re probably thinking that housecleaning is more of a Have To than a Just Because. Well, here’s the thing: because of my bizarre schedule, when I’m at home, I’m usually writing or asleep, mostly asleep. I do dishes, floors, laundry and the stuff I have to do to function; but, dusting, window cleaning, floor scrubbing, and closet organization just doesn’t happen. If it’s pretty on the weekend, I want to be outside in the sun before I really do turn into a vampire. I don’t want to be inside doing housework. So I don’t. However, as a result, sometimes it’s a little hard to tell that a human lives in this house with the Horde.

So, on Saturday, after breakfast with co-workers at a local buffet (more on that tomorrow) and a trip to the Farmers’ Market on the Square, I did household chores. I took off my recycling, shampooed carpets, washed curtains and windows, bathed dogs, flea-treated cats, organized closets and drawers, scrubbed floors, and donated clothes. Today, I will finish organizing the kitchen, wash linens, iron clothes (while watching movies), and read.

And, when I go to sleep, I will be tired. I will still be disappointed that I didn’t get to paddle board; but, ultimately, I will be okay with the rain that kept me indoors. Just Because my house is once again a home.


3 thoughts on “Just Because…A Human Lives Here, Too”

    1. You’re right! I did do something for me: I made my environment ore orderly and less stressful. The Horde is freaking out over it – all except Bodhi the Bold – but, they will recover, I’m sure. They’ll come out from under the bed sometime.

      The collars seem to be doing fine. Old Man’s hot spots are healing up nicely and I didn’t see any fleas on either of them during bathtime. And, more importantly, I’m not getting bitten.

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