Isn’t That Always How it Happens?

The driver on a road trip asks, “Do you need to use the restroom? This is the last one for about 60 miles.” “Nope,” you reply. “I’m good.” Ten minutes later you are a human Twizzler and you’re thinking that the side of the road is looking pretty good.

Isn’t that how it always happens? You’re just fine until someone makes a suggestion, then a few minutes later, you’re miserable.

MGM lion filmYesterday, I shared a couple of changes I’ve noticed even before I get hip deep into this Reboot. One of the changes was a decrease in hunger pangs. Seriously, I haven’t heard my stomach growl in two weeks…until last night. I committed to really starting this Reboot and the imps in my brain are telling the terrorists in my tummy to send off panicky feelings of starvation. My stomach rumbling sounded like the start of an MGM movie! I powered through it, though. I drank my bottled juices and had some herbal tea. The lion sleeps tonight.

As I also mentioned yesterday, I had planned to start making juices/smoothies right away since my wonderful juicer wasn’t scheduled to arrive until next week. However, before I broke out the blender, I got a message from Amazon saying that my juicer actually shipped yesterday and will be here by tonight! I. AM. PSYCHED. Because I’m so close to being able to do it exactly as prescribed, I’m just going to keep with the bottled juices until tomorrow when I can make my own.

I’ll tell you what, this whole juicing thing has been and continues to be such an education for me! I had planned to continue drinking my little Bolthouse Farms juices thinking that they would be okay. Then I started looking into their pasteurization methods to see how many nutrients were destroyed in the process. I found this article: Don’t Fall Victim To These Tricky Juice Labels and am now annoyed that the bottled juices I’ve been getting from the grocery store aren’t nearly as good for me as I thought they were. Oh, sure, they’re better than a pint of ice cream; but, they are not as nutritionally sound as the labels led me to believe. Silver lining: I then went in search of a juice bar near me where I can stock up before work and score! I found one – Pa Bunk’s. I’ll stop by there this afternoon to get me through until tomorrow when I can really start this thing.

Have you noticed how many times I’ve said “I had planned?” As I move through this process, learning more about the world of natural and bottled juices, my plans change almost as quickly as I make them. It reminds me a great deal of when I first started this journey three years ago. I had a basic framework for how I needed to eat and what I needed to do; but, I made mistakes and tweaked my program as I went along. As I learned, I altered my course. I hadn’t thought that I would be doing the same thing with this juicing experiment; but, I’m glad I was wrong. It will be a bigger adventure this way and it will be much more fun to share with you.

I thought I had it all figured out; but, it turns out there is so much more to learn. Isn’t that how it always happens?





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