Warning: Low Battery

I had SO hoped to avoid this! By transitioning into the juice fast over a span of two weeks, I had hoped to bypass the fatigue Joe warns about in his book Reboot With Joe Juice Diet. Members of the online community report feeling fatigue in the first week, as well. But, since I spent all that time easing my way in, I had really thought I’d avoid it.

low batteryNuh-uh.

I was so tired after I got home from work that I thought I might have to lie down and take a nap in the 20 feet from the car to my front door. Only two things kept me moving: two of my feral kitties letting me know it was time for some groceries and the sight of my new juicer waiting on my doorstep! I’ll be breaking that bad boy out a little later and will give you a full report tomorrow on how it works for me.

In the meantime, I want to share some other changes I’ve already noticed:

  • Since Tuesday, the scales show a weight loss of three pounds. I am hopeful that this is not water weight since I started drinking some juices and a lot of water as I prepared. In addition, I stopped drinking soft drinks, which usually sheds some water weight all on its own.
  • I can see weight loss in my hands, forearms, face and waist. 🙂
  • The acne that arrived to confound me last week is healing much faster than it normally does. Whew! I mean, I want to look young and all, but I don’t want to look 14.

In spite of my fatigue, I am motivated by my progress. I did a few floor exercises after work – some planks, sit ups, squats, push ups and leg lifts. I held the planks (front, left, right and reverse) for 60 seconds each and did three sets of ten of each of the others. I think I’ll do these exercises on alternating days. That’s my plan for now, although we established yesterday that my plans are subject to change.

Just like my body is.


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