Dragging on Day 4

breville juicer in actionI love this juicer! It is super efficient and really easy to clean. I have a couple of tips for you, though:

  • don’t put new produce in the chute until the blades have completely stopped spinning. It doesn’t make a huge mess or anything, but it does bounce the stuff around a lot.
  • watch the pitcher. I didn’t and ended up with cucumber juice all over the counter.

So, I immediately tried a couple of the recipes from the book: sporty spice and Joe’s mean green. I really like the sporty spice with it’s beets, carrots, basil, celery, oranges and lemons. I will peel the beets next time, though, as it ended up being a little too earthy tasting. I used the rinds of the oranges and lemons, and I’ll do that again. The overall sweetness kept them from being too bitter and I actually liked the flavor. I’m glad to get those extra nutrients, as well. As for the mean green? I’ve got a problem, there. I don’t like it and it’s a huge part of this whole program. I’ll have to find another green juice recipe to substitute for it.

I am really surprised at the amount of pulp created in the process. I had no idea how much insoluble fiber was in vegetables, I guess. Anyway, I saved it – vegetable pulp separate from fruit pulp – and plan to make some vegetable broth and some fruit tea. There’s no way I can use it all like that, though; so, my flower beds are going to be getting some serious compost!

I like the juice and the idea of the program; but, I have to admit that my commitment is wavering. I am so exhausted right now, it’s just unbelievable – that’s why I’m so late publishing today. And, I’m hungry. I don’t know what I’m hungry for, which makes it easier to stay with the program; but, I want to eat.

All of the testimonials I’ve read say that this is normal – and the people I know personally that have done it say the same thing. All the other participants went through these same struggles and they all assure me that they are short-lived and I’ll feel better than every in just a day or two. I certainly hope so!

Check back with me on Monday to see if I’ve broken through!


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