Day 6 (And I’m Not Done Yet?!)

So, today is Day 6 of my Recommitment and, no, I’m not there yet. But what a difference a week makes!

After work on the 18th, my friend Kent and I went for breakfast at IHOP. I had the all-you-can-eat pancakes and I ate seven. That’s six plus one with all kinds of butter and syrup. We did the same thing on the morning of the 25th; but, this time, I had the Simple & Fit veggie omelette with fruit. I went from a breakfast of an estimated 1650 calories on the 18th (all at one sitting. Yes! I know!) to a breakfast of about 320 calories on the 25th.  And, guess what? I left there full both times. I went home and went comfortably to sleep without missing those 1330 calories. (I’ll tell you a secret. I didn’t calculate the 18th’s breakfast until just as I sat down to type and I’m still feeling nauseated by the knowledge that I ate all that. And, then, went right to bed! Even worse! Good grief.)

I’ve stayed within my calorie budget every day so far and am feeling really good about it. I won’t weigh until tomorrow when I’m one full week in; but, I’ll let you know what it shows. To be frank, I don’t expect to see any loss this week since my body still had all those excess calories from just the days before still lingering in my blood system, in my liver and in fuller fat cells.

That’s something I tend to forget easily (on account of I don’t want to think about it) – fat cells may empty but they never go away.

adipose2Fat cells – adipocytes – come in two or three different kinds: white and brown (which everyone agrees on), and pink (which is under debate). White fat cells are primarily for energy storage, while brown fat cells are used to generate heat (like in babies or in hibernating animals) and are primarily energy consumers. (Pink is in mammary tissue and I don’t know what it does.) Anyway, a healthy adult has somewhere in the neighborhood of 30 billion fat cells. Now, I’ve always heard that when fat cells reach their storage limit, they divide; however, Wikipedia is the only source I find that says that. Every other source says that the fat cells just continue to grow in size as long as we keep shoveling lipids into them. But, whether or not they make more is not as relevant as the fact that they don’t die and go away. They do regenerate so the fat cells I have today are not the ones I was born with; however, they don’t diminish in numbers. Only a plastic surgeon can get rid of some of those 30 billion cells. And, I’ll tell you the truth, the idea of liposuction is very tempting. Very. I mean, how nice would it be to have fewer of these cells to fill up?!

Nice, but it ain’t in the budget. Ima hafta do it myownself.

I can’t use my money budget to empty my body of any of these cells; so, I’ve got to use my calorie budget to empty some of the lipids from those cells, making them (and myself!) smaller. That process is going to take a whole lot more than six days.

But, I’m off to a solid start!



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