And The Ref Blows The Call

REFEREEOkay, well, I called that one wrong. So, remember how yesterday I said that I didn’t anticipate seeing any or much weight loss  for the week since I had REALLY blown up my calories just before starting? I was wrong and I couldn’t be more thrilled about it! I actually lost five pounds over the week. 🙂

How could I not have known that I had lost five pounds, you ask? Easy. I didn’t trust what I felt. I knew that my skin felt less tight and that I could feel more tendons around the backs of my knees than I could the week before; however, because I WANTED the weight loss to be there, I was afraid to trust that my perceptions were accurate.

I’m sure that a good deal of that loss was water weight and you want to know something? I don’t care. That water was making my skin feel too tight just as much as fat does; so, as long as I feel more comfortable in my skin, I don’t care what gets lost to make that happen – water, fat, whatever. In times past, I’ve been told that some of the initial weight loss is water, which is why I say that to you this morning. I don’t know if that is accurate or not, quite honestly. I need to do some more research; however, even if it is, isn’t it nice?

Being on a reduction diet isn’t fun. It isn’t as bad as many other things, but it’s no trip to Coney Island, either, you know? It’s kind of like being food grounded. I have to take care of my responsibilities without getting to do the fun stuff.  It’s work to get my eating habit back in line with what they should be. It’s work to plan and prepare nutritionally sound and diverse meals and snacks that are tasty, as well.  My sweet tooth pitches a fit. My digestive system pushes back. My cravings monster wants a tub of icing. And I have to overcome all of them. The sweet tooth gets plain herbal tea. My digestive system gets probiotics and fermented foods. My cravings monster gets a baked apple with raisins.

And I get a five pound weight loss!

I’ll take that reward and that missed call any day of the week!


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