Giving Myself the Run Around

So, I went for a little run on Sunday. (Okay, what actually happened was that I left my billfold in the car when I was in Kroger and I had to run to the car and back so that I could pay for my groceries. Still, I ran. That’s the point.) It felt good to run. Well, at least it did until my legs started to feel like noodles. I covered the modest distance and was still able to thank the cashier for his patience when I got back.

The run made me think more about my goal of adding cardio this week. It’s now Wednesday morning and I have to admit that I haven’t done it. I had intentions to, sure. But I didn’t follow through for many excuses, but no good reasons.

dog chasing tail

I don’t know why I’m resisting this so much. I’m not just resisting it, either. I’m actively resisting it. I know that it’s good for me. I know that I will have to add structured exercise to my daily routine for the success of Project 40. I know that I will eventually enjoy the exercise. So, what’s the hold up?

That, I don’t know.


One thought on “Giving Myself the Run Around”

  1. It’s really hard to get motivated to work out by yourself. Find a person that will go with you or a group that is exercising together. It makes it so much easier!!!

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