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Exactly HOW is this better?

After relating my cereal induced thoracic balloon story to a friend, he said something along the lines of, “And this new diet is a good thing? Um, how exactly?”

Well, I’m so glad you asked! You see, it’s all about “normal.”

What is your normal? Really think about it. Does your normal include:

  • a constant bloated feeling
  • frequent gas
  • heartburn
  • sluggish feeling after eating
  • sluggish feeling in the morning
  • energy crashes
  • low blood-sugar shakes
  • sharp feelings of hunger
  • frequent lung congestion
  • joint pain
  • headaches
  • constipation

Mine did for so many years that I just thought it was the way I was supposed to feel. Guess what. It’s not.

None of those things are in my new normal. I believe that all of those symptoms were caused by the food I was eating and how my body reacted to it; but, that never occurred to me before. I mean, really. Why would I think that my bloated, gassy feeling was caused by that delicious chocolate croissant? (I’m still grieving over that.) Or that my struggle to breathe every 14 days was related to that “healthy” yogurt I was eating? Or that the sluggish feeling I got after eating was a direct result of the meat and/or cheese I had at my meal?

vegan bowlWhen I did the whole Juice Reboot for those few days, and the veggie and legume only diet I continued with, what I did was rid my system of all of the allergens. I gave my system a good clean out – and not just the Exlax way. I cleaned my system out down to the cellular level, I’m pretty sure. Now, I’m slowly adding some foods back into my diet to see the foods which cause adverse reactions in my system. Of course, I’m going to cause myself some difficulties during this process. That’s to be expected; however, it’s the only way I can think of to find out what foods my system really doesn’t like. and my body told me loud and clear that it doesn’t like wheat on Tuesday. Loud. And. Clear.

So, now I remove all (or at least most) wheat from my diet.

Last year I learned that my battle with chest congestion from a few years ago was likely related to my dairy intake. Even after my pulmonologist tied my struggle to breathe with an allergy of some kind, I never suspected dairy. Dairy made me gassy, I knew, but would never have suspected that it would have resulted in chest congestion. I suspected airborne allergens. Now I suspect cow-borne ones.

So, yes, in spite of this rocky period where I figure out what foods are off-limits to me, this diet (or menu, a term I like more) is better. It’s better in the long-run at defining and maintaining a new normal for me – one that makes me feel better all the time – one without constant bloating pressure, joint pain, constipation, low-blood sugar crashes.

I spent over 40 years ignoring my body’s responses to food. Now, I’m finally listening and that is always better.